invites you to rediscover
concrete, a product that now offers
Bétons Génial
myriad possibilities!
Limitless range of decorative effects
Our precast concrete architectural pieces are bound to impress you
Custom-made to meet your requirements
Bétons Génial guarantees you complete control over the process of designing and manufacturing your concrete urban furniture items

Advantages of precast concrete

Because of its versatility and malleability, concrete offers numerous possibilities, namely in terms of shape, thickness, colour and textures. Bétons Génial offers innovation , quality and durability with its line of precast concrete products.

Thanks to new discoveries and developments in concrete technology, we can now use moulds to shape this product in the factory.

What’s more, with the advent of ultra-high performance concretes such as Ductal®, the weight of precast concrete pieces can be minimized without compromising their strength.


Today’s concrete can be coloured or dyed to provide a limitless range of decorative effects