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Urban Furniture

For outdoor spaces with all the guaranteed strength you need, and products that will stand the tests of weather and time, let Bétons Génial manufacture concrete urban furniture to meet your requirements. The esthetic qualities of concrete urban furniture products fit smoothly into any outdoor environment.

Bétons Génial has developed a series of standard and adaptable modules that, while remaining affordable, allow you to accomplish customized layout schemes.

Moreover, whatever urban space your architects and designers are creating, when they work with Bétons Genial, they’ll know that they can source precast concrete urban furniture custom-made to their specifications to meet your requirements.

When urban furniture is manufactured by Bétons Génial with UHPC, the weight is significantly reduced (average of 9.5 lbs/sq.ft), which allows you to incorporate it easily in your projects that pose a challenge in terms of weight (green roof, parking flagstone) and install it without the need for heavy machinery.

Urban Furniture

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With over 10 years of expertise, Bétons Génial guarantees you complete control over the process of designing and manufacturing your concrete urban furniture items, including:

  • Benches and banquettes

  • Decorative walls

  • Planters

  • Step units

  • Paving stones

  • And many more

Bétons Génial stands out for its:

  • wide variety of concretes, from conventional concretes to ultra-high performance concretes such as Ductal®, that can be adapted to every project

  • clean line designs

  • urban furniture offering functional aspects

  • vibrant colours and natural finishes

  • easy handling and transportation

  • fast, easy installations

  • high-volume manufacturing capability